Religiosas María Inmaculada

The salvation and prevention of the youth through love, responding to the challenges of today, putting into practice whatever means the experience may teach us for the greater good of the young girls
Const. 1882 (236)


Seven traits, seven images, seven definitions

In love with Jesus

We manifest joy of having met Him, committing our lives to the Gospel in favor of the young girls



We live in community, sharing Life, Faith and Mission; we take care of the relationships that strengthen us as persons and bond us as a family



Available to go wherever the Congregation is or will be, recognizing the will of God in every assignment



In the mission shared with the laity, offering the good news of Jesus to the youth in whatever place in the world



We take care of the friendship and personal relation with the Lord, fostering a contemplative gaze on the Persons, the Church and the Society



We reflect on our femininity the image of Mary Immaculate, the woman who was free in her options, the first evangelizer, who welcomed the plan of God and was the channel of the project of salvation of Jesus


Women of the Eucharist

We celebrate the Eucharist with a festive mode of service and fraternity, drawing from it the necessary strength to live in communion. It is the essence and root of our lives and of our apostolic and contemplative action