Religiosas María Inmaculada

What I really want is to do the Will of God in all things
Saint Vicenta María
(AEE, d 7º, m 1ª)

These words of St. Vicenta Maria synthesized what was her whole life

vicenta maría


Vicenta Maria was born on March 22, 1847 in Cascante, a small city by the riverbank of Navarra, jurisdiction of Tudela, in a Christian and well- to- do family of that time



At seven years old, she travelled for the first time to Madrid to attend the profession of her Religious Salesian aunt. From April to October, 1854 she remained in the capital and, while she was making company of her Aunt Eulalia, she came, for the first time, in contact with the pain and isolation of the sick girls in the hospital



In 1857, she returned to Madrid to complete her formation. She was a young girl of her time, who lived and knew well the unjust and discriminatory social reality that would change her life. She attended the 'San Luis de los Franceses School' as an external pupil



She fell attracted to Mary Immaculate and fostered her devotion in all the people she came in contact with especially in Carabanchel, where she spent summertime and founded the “Living Rosary”.



In 1868, she decided to found the Congregation of the Religious of Mary Immaculate



The search for the Plan of God in her life, her spiritual experience of being preserved from sin because of the merciful love of God, and the precarious situations and social abandonment of the young girls who migrated to the city, made her decide to give herself to preserve them from evil, thus, founded the Congregation of the Religious of Mary Immaculate in Madrid



She did her perpetual profession in 1890, and died in Madrid at the age of 43


Vicenta Maria allowed herself to be seduced by the “poor and humble” Jesus, and tried, all through her life, to give answer to the love received from God, by pouring herself in the “love and service” of the young girls