Religiosas María Inmaculada


Lonely, abandoned, anonymous young girls, who migrated from the countryside to the city.
A necessity of the time

To respond to God’s call, to look after the poor young girls as long as I live

To cooperate, so that the work with the young girls may go forward, is my firm inclination

DREAMS with:

To give an answer to an unjust social situation
A different environment for the underprivileged young girls of her time
To know the will of God and fulfill it


to commit her life in love and in the service of the young girls

The most palpable Glory of God and the necessity of the time


that they may recognize themselves as children of God

Teach them to maintain themselves in the place that corresponds to them, loving their dignity as children of God and Mary Immaculate


that they may value their dignity, their work

That they may learn how to read, how to write and do arithmetic
(RP 244)


that the young girls may be agents of social transformation

That they may be seeds of the Gospel in the families where they work
(RP 226D)


the young girls from ruthless situations and injustice which may harm their lives

Vicenta Maria allowed herself to be seduced by the “poor and humble” Jesus, and tried, all through her life, to give answer to the love received from God, by pouring herself in the “love and service” of the young girls.